6HK1 Diesel Engine Oil Pump 8943904143

Product Details:
Product Name: oil Pump
Place Of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Isuzu
Model Number: 8943904143
Engine Model:6HK1
Quality: 100% genuine
Gross Weight:2.4KGS
Net Weight: 1.9KGS
Condition: Brand New

Product Details

6HK1 Diesel Engine Oil Pump 8943904143

Description : Engine oil are stored in oil sump. When the engine is started, the oil pump runs with the help of engine crankshaft power through chain drive. Oil pump is directly connected with engine crank shaft. In an engine running condition, it need lubrication to all its moving parts for control the wear and tear & dissipation of heat generation. Now imagine the oil is stored in bottom portion of an engine due to its gravity. We want lubricate the engine from bottom to top most parts like cam shaft, valve, valve spring etc., How its done? Its done by OIL PUMP. In an IC engine they are used ROTARY VANE TYPE OIL PUMP. Rotary vane suck the oil from oil sump and deliver pressurized oil to circulate all moving parts through its oil flow line. Oil circulation reduces the heat generation and control the wear & tear of metal parts.

Product Details

Product Name

oil Pump

Place Of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number


Engine Model



100% genuine

Gross Weight


Net Weight



Brand New

Payment&shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1piece

Price: Negotiate

Packing Details: Isuzu original Packing or as customers’ request

Delivery Time: 3-5 working days

Payment Terms : T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Supply Ability: 1000pc/month

Exhibition and  certificate2

Packing and delivery3

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