Zero Confirmed Diagnosis, We Want To Thank China

- Apr 26, 2020-

Samoa, a South Pacific island country, still maintains a record of no confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. "Prevention is the best treatment. Samoa has never been diagnosed so far, and we want to thank China!" Said Samuel Hansel, chief outbreak prevention and control expert. Samoa has a population of about 200,000 and fewer than one hundred doctors. There is only one general hospital, and anti-epidemic supplies rely entirely on imports and assistance. Since 2018, China has sent three batches of medical teams to Samoa, completed nearly 1,000 operations, diagnosed and treated tens of thousands of patients, and significantly improved local medical and health conditions.

In order to work together to fight the epidemic in the local area, under the leadership of the Chinese Embassy in Samoa, the Chinese-Aided Medical Team in China timely exchanged the experience of Chinese epidemic prevention and control with local medical staff to assist them in formulating guidelines for epidemic prevention. In early March, China and Samoa and other Pacific Island countries held a video conference of health experts to share their experience in epidemic prevention and control. Samoa has adopted a series of preventive and control measures in light of Chinese practices, such as suspension of overseas travel, restrictions on opening hours of supermarkets, and regulation of social distances. In terms of medical supplies, China also provides assistance within its capacity to Samoa. Chinese Ambassador to Samoa Chao Xiaoliang said that China ’s emergency aids such as testing reagents, protective clothing, masks, goggles, thermometers and other urgently needed medical supplies will arrive in batches. The Guangdong Provincial Government, the Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation and other Chinese local governments and private organizations actively donated anti-epidemic materials such as ventilators. "Under the current severe situation, China attaches great importance to developing health cooperation with Samoa, which fully proves the friendship between Samoa and China." Samo Alifano, the head of state of Samoa, said.