What Product Materials Are In The Engine Cylinder Pads?

- Jun 16, 2019-

You know how much the engine pads should be, but do you know what materials the product is made of?

This question is also today our manufacturers want to discuss with you, let's let's see what product materials it has. In the early years, engine cylinder pads were made from asbestos, which has been discontinued in some developed countries because of its carcinogenic effects on humans. Our manufacturers produce cylinder pad products are the use of asbestos-free plate core plate, this material in the structure with sprint holes and no sprint holes two types of core plate. When using core plates without sprint holes, the soft material is combined with adhesive and core plate. In other words, the force strapped to the plate will also be absorbed by the inner layer of the soft material and the adhesive layer of the soft material and core plate. For advanced engines, the ability of the sealing sheet to absorb both lateral and longitudinal forces is critical.