The Strange Performance Of The Car's Cylinder Pad After The Failure

- Jun 08, 2019-

Car cylinder pad it is a car parts with a sealing effect, the part in its use can mainly play a sealing effect, but it is also a damage failure, then the part after the damage will appear what kind of different performance?

Let's take a look at it. If the car cylinder pad after the failure, then it will have some strange performance, the common one is the installation of the component crackling sound, which indicates that the component has a fault. If the car's water tank and sub-water tank bubble phenomenon is the problem. If there is white smoke in the exhaust pipe of the vehicle, it may also be caused by a faulty cylinder pad. If the cylinder pad failure, then there will be the phenomenon of car weakness. Moreover, the component, when damaged, will cause the ablation to be connected to the passage to cause oil in the coolant. If these strange situations occur, please repair and replace the components in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the car.