The Performance Of Different Degrees Of Cystosin In The Automotive Cylinder Pads

- Jun 15, 2019-

The situation is a common failure, but there are many different degrees of failure, so how will the fault of varying degrees behave?

Let's take a closer look at the details. In fact, the car cylinder pad belongs to a seal in the vehicle, the product it appears in the phenomenon is very normal, if the situation of light and heavy, will use the vehicle's power drop, so that a small amount of water into the cylinder block, the temperature inside the cylinder body is relatively high into the water will be evaporated, so repeated rehydration tank will slowly empty, If you don't pay attention to the water temperature, it will slowly become higher, and the relative oil will shorten the life.

If the phenomenon of radon is more and more serious, at any time may be the situation of pulling cylinder, if the pull cylinder then the impact on the engine is large, so to repair and replace the cylinder mat. After reading the above-mentioned information, I believe that we have a new understanding of the car cylinder pad.