The Composition Of The Engine Cylinder Pad

- Jun 11, 2019-

Engine pad is a relatively simple structure of components, but also a smaller rectangular auto parts, in fact, the product its composition structure is not as simple as the eye, next we have a detailed understanding of the component of its composition already, detailed information as described below. In fact, the engine pad looks like a flaky product, but it is made up of three parts, not a single component. The product is mainly composed of the upper cover plate, core plate and lower cover plate, mainly rely on the upper and lower cover plate, core plate raised ring wire seal. The material used in these three parts is also different, its upper and lower cover is mainly made of stainless steel material as the main body, and then added rubber coating on its surface, and then by stamping molding to make a raised ring of the upper and lower cover. The core plate of the cylinder pad is made of low-carbon steel material, which is made of a core plate with a sealed raised ring by stamping, and then rubber coating the surface of the product.

The product, which is then assembled by these three parts, has a high strength, making it not easy to deform in use. As for the composition of the engine pad, you should have made it clear after reading the above information. Products of this structure can be used better and have a longer service life.