Serbian President Ask Help From China

- Mar 18, 2020-

At a time when China ’s domestic fight against the new crown epidemic has eased, and the order of production and living has gradually returned to normal, the epidemic prevention situation in some overseas countries and regions has rapidly changed.

Today, the cumulative number of diagnoses and deaths overseas have surpassed mainland China, and there have been several key outbreak countries with cumulative diagnosed cases exceeding 10,000, or more than a thousand new confirmed cases in a single day.

Among these countries, the outbreak on paper in Serbia, a landlocked country located on the European Balkan Peninsula, seems to be okay: as of March 16th, a total of 55 confirmed cases, 9 new cases in a single day, and 0 deaths.

But as the country ’s health department has frankly stated, this “fortunately” is based on a very low nucleic acid test base (nearly 200 so far).

The country's population has just exceeded 7 million, but the proportion of elderly people aged 65 and over is 18.35% (2018, UNFPA data).

It is now known that the new crown epidemic has extremely high lethality to the elderly and already sick people, and with the "transnational spread" of the epidemic, many neighboring countries around Serbia have become high-endemic countries, which made the national defense epidemic situation suddenly Become very sinister. On March 15, the Serbian government announced that from now on, the country will fully enter a state of epidemic prevention, close all borders, close schools, nurseries, universities, sports grounds and other public places, and limit the opening hours of the catering industry, calling on the elderly not to go out. And send troops to protect the hospital. It is worth mentioning that Serbian President Vucic and Prime Minister Blanabic announced on the one hand that "except for diplomats and permanent residents of the country, the Serbian border has been closed to all foreigners since the 15th," calling on foreigners not to go for the time being The country, on the other hand, made it clear that "the Chinese are exceptional." The reason is simple: the country has begged for help from China, which has "friends and brothers," so it is eagerly looking forward to the "Chinese brothers" coming to Serbia to "help do everything possible."

It is not that Vucic deliberately "stays closer": At a press conference on the evening of the 15th, the EU-friendly president has been tearfully accusing the European Commission President Von Delanen and other EU dignitaries not only for failing to save the dead, but also "so far obstructing Serbia "Importing medical equipment from EU countries." In this case, Serbia has little help but to ask for help from a distant China.

Serbia is part of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was caught in a civil war after the end of the Cold War. The European Union fought, fought, and directly intervened in the Kosovo war. The territory of Yugoslavia continued to shrink until it finally disintegrated. Serbia was a big country on the Adriatic coast. "Shrinking" is a small landlocked country with an area of less than 90,000 square kilometers.

Despite recent efforts by the Serbian government to seek membership in the European Union, the latter has always been shut out.

Since it is not a member of the European Union, when the European Union announced the implementation of a medical ban on export of medical protective equipment on March 15th, unless it was explicitly authorized by the EU government, it could not export to non-EU countries. is closed.

As Vucic has attacked, there are complex and far-reaching historical and economic reasons why the European Union is so ruthless about Serbia, its "brother".