Reasons Why Car Cylinder Pads Are Prone To Bad

- Jun 12, 2019-

Car cylinder pads are replaced each year is relatively high, why is this part so easy to damage? What causes damage to the component?

Today our manufacturers to explain this problem for you, let's let's understand the reasons for the easy damage of the part. The cylinder pad is a seal in the car, the role is the sealing effect, the part in the process of use is prone to the damage of the cylinder pad. In fact, when this phenomenon occurs, maintenance personnel first of all will think of the oil supply point of view adjustment is not appropriate, cylinder head nut loose or tightening torque is not good and tightening torque is not in line, cylinder head warping deformation and other reasons, will be less thought of cylinder liner spouts installed into the body will be higher than the body plane of the protruding volume and two cylinder sets appear high difference. In fact, the height difference is too large is a very important reason for the cylinder pad break. Because the cylinder protrusion is too much and the two-cylinder sleeve protruding height difference is too large, the compression of the cylinder pad due to the bulge is too large and the height difference and the tightening gap or the amount of tightening is inconsistent.

It also deforms the cylinder head under pressure. Service personnel will see deformation of the cylinder pad after removing the car pad, so it needs to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.