Reasons For The Bubbling Of Car Water Tanks

- Jun 06, 2019-

In the vicinity of the car water tank, will be installed a certain car cylinder pad, it is a seal, if the product failure, after the failure of the performance of many forms.

If the car's water tank bubbles, let's let the car pad manufacturer explain to you the reason for the bubble of the water tank. When inspecting the water tank, if you find more bubbles in the tank, and these bubbles are still rising and rising, along with a large amount of hot air in the water tank. Next we can start the engine, if the engine temperature gradually increased, the hot air in the water tank will continue to increase and distribute, then the fault is caused by the failure of the car pad. If this is the case, plug the overflow pipes in the water tank and add water to the water tank until it is added to the lid.

Then drive the vehicle to the service point in time, repair the cylinder pad or replace the new cylinder pad, so as not to affect the driving safety of the car. If the car during the driving of any strange, please be cautious, do not have a lucky mentality.