In 2018, The General Manager Of The Company Was Invited To Participate In The Trainee Of Isuzu Corporation Of Japan.

- Aug 30, 2019-

In order to further study and understand the quality and production process of Isuzu products, Isuzu has launched a training meeting for agents at all levels, and enthusiastically invites agents to conduct field visits and study. In 2018, the general manager of the company was invited to participate in the trainee of the Isuzu Corporation of Japan.

Mr. Zhang studied the production and maintenance process of the Isuzu Plant. Under the practical operation and explanation of various technicians, we will further understand the quality and highlights of Isuzu products.




On November 23, Mr. Zhang Liang, a Chinese agent of Isuzu Co., Ltd., visited the headquarters to learn about the advanced management


experience of promotion, application, daily maintenance and after-sales service of new energy vehicles. Visit and study with other regional agents.




The guests visited the workshop station and intelligent dispatch center of Isuzu headquarters, and watched the corporate videos to learn about Isuzu's corporate profile and corporate culture. Subsequently, the two sides held a friendly discussion. I hope that in the future, we will further strengthen communication and promote mutual cooperation and win-win results.

The trainee was a complete success. After returning to the company, Mr. Zhang also explained and trained the company's employees.