Considerations For The Design Of Electrical Harness Segmentation

- Jun 17, 2019-

Connection position design in the electrical harness In order to facilitate late maintenance, the inner connection point of the electrical harness (the connection point between the electrical harness and the electrical harness) must be designed in a convenient place for maintenance, trying to avoid the absence of a start-up during late repair.

At the same time pay attention to the docking plug-in fixed, because the plug-in is free to connect, when the conditions do not allow fixed, to consider the plug-in in the driving process may cause a noise, you can use the sponge will be the public plug-in wrapped to eliminate noise. 2. The selection of the connection plug-in in the electrical harness when the connection point is determined, to analyze the location of the connection point, wet area should pay attention to the use of waterproof plug-in. When the inner connection of the wire has thick and thin, try to choose a hybrid class plug-in, if you choose a single plug-in, in order to meet the electrical performance will cause the plug-in too large, fine wire using large terminals and cause waste. When designing also consider that the assembly of some internal connection plug-in needs of over-hole, pay attention to the size of the plug-in, to avoid the appearance of over-hole difficulties when equipped.

The inner connection plug-in tries to choose the batch use and stable products, because there are high requirements for the stability of the connection, very easy due to false connectioncause of failure.

3. Product development type Product development types are also factors that must be considered when designing segments. When the project is platform development (brand-new platform), segment design has a greater degree of freedom, the assembly process of the main plant needs to be arranged according to the segmentof of the electrical harness but in the existing platform to develop a new model or variant development, then the segment design must be in line with the assembly process of the host plant. For example, when the instrument harness is divided, the instrument harness and the body harness cannot be combined because they belong to different processes.