Common Problems With Automotive Harnesses And The Impact?

- Jun 19, 2019-

With the development of social life and the improvement of people's living standards, people not only pursue material enjoyment, but also pursue spiritual enjoyment. When buying a car, they pay great attention to interior decoration, such as navigators, music, car phones, GPS navigation systems and multimedia systems. They need to be connected through the car harness.

Many problems can occur if the auto harness is not operated as required during the production process.

Are the following frequently asked questions and their impact? (1) Problem: miswire, according to the design of no cable design.

Main reasons: process error, improper operation, invalid conduction, impact: engine can not start, connected machine sits not working or work.

(2) Problem: accessories installation special, not according to the design of the installation parts, the main reasons: process error, improper operation, leakage, impact: not installed in the car, can not be installed on the same function.

(3) Problem: bad terminal crimping (37 kinds), terminal disconnect (a harness and terminal b terminal and connector c terminal and pairing terminal) the main reasons: 4m1e, crimping problem b not inserted bit, missing lock c wrong installation, material problem, effect: engine stopped in the way, the lamp is not lit, short circuit, vehicle fire. (4) Problem: Plug-in corruption. The main reasons are: assembly, transportation, materials, problems: poor connection, poor air tightness.