Causes Of Aging Of Nearby Parts Caused By Car Cylinder Pads

- Jun 07, 2019-

Because the car pad is a thin car parts, so it is a vulnerable to wear parts, in use is prone to failure, the frequency of the component failure is relatively high, and it is after failure will accelerate the aging of adjacent parts, what is the cause? If the car cylinder pad has a fault, then its sealing performance will fail, why the part after the failure will cause the aging of nearby parts? In fact, the product is mainly used to plug the gap between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, so that it will not leak the air, oil and water that block the components on both sides. If the cylinder pad failure, these media will leak, in serious cases, can even cause the car failure, and thus can not start the car. Without long-term repairs and replacement of cylinder pad products, these media can cause corrosion of adjacent parts, damage nearby parts, and accelerate the aging of adjacent parts. So if we find that the part is faulty, then it needs to be replaced in time, so as not to have a greater impact.