Car Cylinder Pads Are Linked To Engine Overhauls

- Jun 05, 2019-

Many people reflect that after the engine overhaul, it will not be long before the car cylinder pad will appear, so what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Next we manufacturers to explain these reasons and products with the engine overhaul of the link, let's take a look at it. In fact, the car pad it is installed in the vicinity of the engine of a part, if the engine abnormal, it will affect the normal use of the engine. If the fuel used in the engine is of substandard quality, a knock will occur, affecting the use of the cylinder pad. In the event of ignition timing error, there is an incorrect advance amount in the ignition early angle, which will cause the engine to explode and then affect the cylinder pad. The long-term full operation or overload of the engine can also cause the cylinder pad to get stoain. If the maintenance of the engine is not enough or assembly problems, it will cause the cylinder head of the screw tightening force is uneven, easy to make the cylinder pad out of the same problem.

If the engine has opened the pot and the lack of coolant on the road, then it is also easy to cause the cylinder pad. As can be seen from the information above, if the engine is used incorrectly, it is so easy to cause the cylinder pad to fail. Information about the product is introduced here first, I hope this information can bring you some help.