2019 China Construction Machinery Marketing & Aftermarket Conference

- Feb 20, 2020-

October 27-29, 2019, 2019 China Construction Machinery Marketing & Aftermarket Conference was reopened in Jinan, Shandong. Main manufacturers, core agents, key technology service providers, related leaders, experts and media from China's construction machinery industry. And representatives of all parties in the value chain of the circulation field, gathered together this year's event.

In this exhibition, Mr. Zhang Liang, the general manager of Hangzhou Jialiang Trading Co., Ltd., was invited as a representative to participate in the exhibition.

Mr.Zhang Liang listened to Yu Mengsheng, the chairman of the company, at the “Marketing & Post-Marketing Conference”, “The Summit: The Sustainable Development in the Changing Situation”, explaining the opportunities and challenges brought about by the industrial upgrading. Industry and market development perspectives, and after the meeting, and other guests walked into the temporary work heavy machine to visit and exchange. The meeting pointed out that the current Chinese construction machinery market has reached the stage of the stock market, and doing the specialization and scientific layout is the key to the sustainable development of the company. Agents should be supported to take a high quality sustainable development path. Re-balancing the future market shape of the industry and the distribution of value in the industry chain. In the Chinese market, Chinese construction machinery companies and agents must develop rationally. The risks are cyclical, and the competition will become more and more fierce. Only when manufacturers and agents treat the market rationally can they achieve scientific and sustainable development. Large-scale agents must go to the west and overseas to develop dislocation competition and seek incremental development in potential markets.

On the afternoon of October 29th, Mr.Zhang Liang was invited together with the 2019 China Construction Machinery Marketing & Aftermarket Conference guests and leaders to visit the temporary work.

The guests and guests first visited the exhibition hall of the temporary heavy machinery company to learn more about the development history of the enterprise and the development of industrial equipment.

In the production workshop of the enterprise, the delegation conducted detailed investigations on the product innovation and marketing model of the temporary heavy machine, and exchanged and interacted on relevant issues.

At the end of the visit, Mr.Zhang Liang and the leaders of the meeting expressed their appreciation for the achievements made by the temporary heavy machine in innovation drive and international cooperation. They also hope that the company can give full play to its advantages and absorb the global successful experience and advantageous resources to continue to lead the industry. leading position.