6HK1 Exhaust Manifold 8981063621

Product Details:
Product Name: exhaust manifold
Place Of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Isuzu
Model Number: 8981063621
Engine Model: 6HK1
Quality: 100% genuine
Gross Weight: 9.5KGS
Net Weight: 9KGS
Condition: Brand New

Product Details

6HK1 Exhaust Manifold 8981063621

Description : Bolted directly to the engine block, the exhaust manifold is the first section of a vehicle’s exhaust system. It funnels exhaust gases from all the cylinders and routes them to the car’s catalytic converter. V-type engines have a separate manifold for each cylinder bank.A leak in the exhaust manifold or its gasket can allow exhaust gases to escape, which poses a health hazard to the car’s occupants and can result in erroneous readings by the oxygen sensor, triggering a check engine light. Larger holes in a manifold will produce loud exhaust noise.

Product Details

Product Name

Exhaust Manifold

Place Of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number


Engine Model



100% genuine

Gross Weight


Net Weight



Brand New

Payment&shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1piece

Price: Negotiate

Packing Details: Isuzu original Packing or as customers’ request

Delivery Time: 3-5 working days

Payment Terms : T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Supply Ability: 1000pc/month

Exhibition and  certificate2

Packing and delivery3

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