What is the structure of automotive hub bearings and how to produce them?

- Jul 05, 2019-

The so-called "tire" is the rubber part of the car, it is itself soft, so the tire inside the support tire barrel-shaped, center is installed on the shaft of the components called wheels, because of different language habits, many people have different titles for the wheels, such as "wheels", and friends in the south, many call it "tire bells"

Or "car bells", do not say "car bells" when people say that it is "car bells".

Bearings are the basis of the car transmission components, part of the drive device on the car, known as the "automotive industry joint", used to support the tire speed. Automotive bearings are a large part of its bearing industry, there are hub bearings, air conditioning fan bearings, pulley bearings and so on. It is also divided into high-speed automobile bearings and low-speed car bearings.