The role of the car valve rocker arm

- Jul 11, 2019-

The valve rocker arm is designed to match the smooth operation of the engine's intake and exhaust, in order to make full use of the engine's running function.

Let's go with the article to learn about the valve rocker arm!

Introduction to the valve When the engine is working, the valves are opened and closed frequently. It will also be affected by the corrosion and impact of gas, which can easily cause oxidation, wear, corrosion and other damage conditions.

After a long period of use, the valve will be in high temperature under the failure of the burner, so that its engine performance is degraded, power performance is reduced and many other faults.

Introduction to the rocker arm The material of the rocker arm is generally quenched, chrome-plated and so on, because he is an important connecting accessory to connect the valves, so in the operating state of the engine will also affect the life of its use. Because the rocker arm force is not vertical, but to present a certain slope is therefore very easy to appear up and down when the engine is running.

So when we install, we must remember that we cannot leak, can not install, to install the appropriate program installation.

Introduction to the valve rocker arm

First, the role: is to complete the engine and exhaust function by working with the camshaft opening method. Second, the process: the material used is HT200, using a simple process of gray cast iron.

Although it has good casting performance, it provides poor plasticity, poor brittleness and not enough wear. Third, parameters: diameter of 22mm outer circle, through hole of 11mm, roughness of 12.5, 36mm is the lower end face, 28mm is the front and rear side of the outer circle, roughness is 6.3, the front and rear angle is 45 degrees, and 18mm of the through hole, the lower parallelism of the axis is 0.05.

26mm front and rear side, roughness of 12.5, chamfer at the front and rear end s45 degrees, 16mm through hole, hole surface roughness of 1.6.

Type: you can choose castings, forgings, profiles, extrusions, stamping parts, welding parts of these types, because the same kind of blank will have different kinds of manufacturing process, which also brings many types of valve rocker. And the day is that precise process is required to have safe accessories to produce, but be sure to find the valve rocker arm that suits your vehicle.