The reason and solution of the engine failure light!

- Aug 28, 2020-

The reason and solution of the engine failure light!

When the car is driving or when the car is on fire, the car engine fault light on the dashboard will light up, usually as a red light or a yellow light. As long as it is on, it will never disappear manually in most cases. In this case, it will disappear manually, which is the so-called engine failure light.


Surface causes of engine failure lights


1. The burning state is not good


Good engine combustion is the main reason for the engine failure light. On top of the car design, to ensure that the engine is in good working condition and ensure the stable working life of the engine, an oxygen sensor is designed and installed on the engine to monitor the combustion state of the engine, as long as the combustion state of the engine is good, such as hydrocarbon gas (HC) content is very low Carbon monoxide content (CO) is very low, nitrogen oxide (NO) content is very low, these are good combustion conditions, not only pollute the environment, but also cause fuel waste and excessive engine wear.


Exceeding various indicators in turn means:


Hydrocarbon (HC): fuel components that are not combustible;


Carbon monoxide (CO): The fuel component that is not fully burned. This substance has relatively little damage to human health. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death by poisoning;


Nitrogen oxides (NO): Produced at such a low temperature inside the engine, it indicates that the engine is worn out and pollutes the environment in the atmosphere.


2 engine knock


The engine also has a special knock sensor to monitor engine knock. Engine knock has meant that it may cause slight damage to the engine's mechanical parts or slight power loss. Under normal circumstances, knocking is divided into sensed knocking and non-sense knocking. In the case of non-sense knocking, the engine computer will adjust the engine control parameters according to the monitored conditions to avoid getting smaller and smaller. Adverse effects, but if the non-inductive knock has exceeded the range that the engine computer can adjust, the engine fault light will also light up to alarm.


There are generally three situations in which car drivers’ subjective feelings about knocking:


The first situation: the car is weak;


The second situation: the car is weak and the engine noise is too loud;


The third case: There is a significant knocking sound.


In the first case, some engine failure lights will be bright, and some will never be bright. In the second and third cases, the engine failure lights must be on.


The internal reason why the engine fault light turns on 1 the fuel quality is not good


Many riders who find that the engine fault light is on have a feeling: that is, the engine fault light suddenly brightens after adding a tank of fuel. Since engines have requirements for oil quality indicators, especially as the requirements for engines in various specifications become lower and lower, the requirements for oil quality indicators are also getting lower and lower. For example, the previous automobile engines generally have a compression higher than 7.0 or below, so the current automobile engine compression higher than generally exceeds 10.0. In this case, gasoline with an octane number exceeding 95 is usually required. Perhaps, in addition to this fuel label, there are other technical indicators that are also very critical. Due to the weak technical nature, they will not be listed one by one. However, in terms of specific life, there are indeed some gas stations that can never provide fuel that meets low-performance engines in accordance with the specifications. This has led to frequent occurrences of engine failure lights.


2 Carbon deposits on the outside of the cylinder


After a certain period of use, some carbon deposits must accumulate on the outside of the engine. These carbon deposits themselves will cause changes in engine design parameters. In addition to their unsteady nature, they will accumulate heat. These accumulated heat will lead to orderly ignition of the engine. This causes the engine to knock. In this case, the engine fault light also lights up.


The hazards of engine failure lights


After the engine fault light turns on, there are often some absolutely unstable states. If it is never solved immediately, the following problems will usually occur:


1. Poor quality of automobile exhaust and pollute the environment;


2. Increased automobile fuel consumption, waste of petroleum resources and RMB resources;


3. The increase in temperature and wear of the combustion chamber may cause late damage to the engine;


4. The engine burns oil;


5. Increased engine noise affects driving and riding comfort.


Why does the engine fault light never disappear manually


As long as the engine fault light is on, it means that the engine parameters have changed. Excessive carbon deposit is a major cause of changes in engine parameters. If this problem is never solved, the combustion state of the engine will still be adjusted and never stabilized. Of course, the engine fault light will always be on and will never disappear manually.


Why can't the car factory and 4S shop solve it?


the reason


Because car manufacturers and 4S shops cannot solve the problem of engine malfunction lights, some car owners often complain, and there are minor disputes. In fact, manufacturers and 4S shops have their difficulties: the fuel problem belongs to the fuel supply system Automobile manufacturers can’t solve the problem. Cleaning the engine throttle and cleaning the carbon deposits in 4S shops can only be helpless countermeasures. As long as there has been a car with an engine failure, even if the 4S shop “solves” it, It will light up again very slowly.


The owner can solve the problem of engine failure and light 1 clean the engine


As long as the engine failure light is on, the owner should clean the engine immediately. There are two accurate cleaning methods at present:


First, go to the repair shop to clean the carbon deposits with a special cleaning agent (note, never use the method of lifting a bottle, some of this method is forged, which will damage the spark plug and cause corrosion of the cylinder);


Second, use good fuel additives to clean the entire fuel system, including removing carbon deposits in the cylinder.


2 Add lower and lower grade gasoline


After the engine is cleaned, because the engine compression of automobiles that currently meet the National IV emission standards exceeds 10.0, this kind of car is definitely not suitable for long-term addition of gasoline below 95. In order to keep the engine in good working condition, the owner can choose to add No. 95 or No. 97 gasoline, which can generally solve the problem of engine failure lights.


3 Since I have started to improve fuel quality


If domestic fuel cannot meet the requirements of the current low-efficiency engines indefinitely, you can improve the quality of fuel yourself. For example, using good fuel additives to increase the level of fuel disinfection should be the best way. If you have a good product, you can generally use No. 93 oil instead of No. 97 gasoline. The lubrication of the engine is getting better, the wear is getting bigger and the power is getting better.


Exceeding methods such as unsolvable fault light problem




After exceeding the method, the engine fault light is still bright and will never be left. If it happens, the main reason is that the oxygen sensor or the knock sensor is good, just replace one.