Teach you to easily identify oil deterioration

- Jul 08, 2019-

A car's oil is like human blood, related to the health and longevity of the car. How to identify whether the oil has deteriorated?

Zhejiang and Nikko Arm Co., Ltd. tell you four ways to teach you to tell if the oil is deteriorating.

Hand-held method This is the simplest way to take out the old oil with the thumb and index finger repeated grinding, good quality feel should have lubrication, no grinding chips, no friction.

If you feel between the fingers between the sand particles and other large friction, and stickiness is poor, or even astringent, it indicates that the oil has iron chips, sludge and impurities, such oil building owner still do not change to wait until when?

Lighting Take out the oil ruler raised 45 degrees, here is not to take a selfie, the landlord do not get me wrong. Is to observe the oil droplets of the oil under the light so that you can clearly see the droplets without grinding chips.

In view of the owner's IQ, I would like to say more, no scrap end of the oil is good, but if the end of the grinding chip more, it will have to be replaced.

Smell method Just saw also seen, should not smell? General food deterioration will give off a sour smell, a common sense building owner should know? Pull out the oil ruler close to the nose smell, if there is a strong sour odor, what does this mean? It means the oil has gone bad!

Or a word: change!

Color discrimination Here need the landlord to prepare a clean white filter test paper, if not, with a better face towel paper together also OK, what is soft heart-printah is a good choice. Then drop the number of old oil on the paper, standby oil leakage, the quality of the good oil is powder-free, with the hand touch dry and smooth, and yellow dipping belt clear. If it is dark dark brown, there are impurities.