photoelectric sensor

- Aug 11, 2020-

photoelectric sensor:


Photoelectric sensors are sensors that use photoelectric elements as detection elements. . It first converts the measured change into a change in an optical signal, and then further converts the optical signal into an electrical signal with the help of photoelectric elements. The photoelectric sensor is generally composed of three parts: light source, optical path and photoelectric element.

The photoelectric sensor is generally composed of two parts: a processing path and a processing element. The basic principle is based on the photoelectric effect, which converts the measured changes into optical signal changes, and then further converts non-electrical signals into electrical signals with the help of photoelectric elements. The photoelectric effect refers to illuminating an object with light, which can be seen as a series of photons with a certain energy bombarding the object. At this time, the photon energy is transferred to the electron, and the entire energy of a photon is all at once. When the electron is absorbed, the state of the electron will change after it gets the energy transferred by the photon, so that the object irradiated by the light will have a corresponding electric effect.

Photoelectric sensor is a sensor with photoelectric device as a conversion element. It can be used to detect non-electrical physical quantities that directly cause light quantity changes, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation temperature measurement, gas composition analysis, etc.; it can also be used to detect changes in light quantity Other non-electricity, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain, displacement, vibration, speed, acceleration, as well as the recognition of the shape of the object and the working state. Photoelectric sensors have the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance, etc., so they are widely used in industrial automation devices and robots. New photoelectric devices are constantly emerging, especially the birth of CCD image sensors, which has opened a new page for the further application of photoelectric sensors.