Isuzu diesel engine is trusted

- Aug 21, 2020-

Isuzu diesel engine is trusted

In the field of diesel engines, the diesel engines produced by Isuzu once occupied a very important position in Japan, and later affected the development of the entire Japanese diesel engine.

There is a saying: Japanese diesel engines are famous, and the boss only recognizes Isuzu. With excellent fuel economy, high reliability and outstanding environmental protection advantages, Isuzu has become a global leader in the field of diesel engines.

Therefore, since entering the Chinese market, Isuzu diesel engines have been trusted by many domestic complete machine companies, and the market was once in short supply. The engines used by some mainstream domestic light truck brands are also extended and expanded models based on Isuzu 4JB1 series.

In the era when trucks were “lack of light and heavy”, the introduction of Isuzu made an indelible contribution to my country’s reform and opening up, and also promoted the development of my country’s light truck industry.

The more famous Isuzu N-series light truck is Isuzu ELF. It has cooperated with domestic Qingling (Chongqing Automobile Manufacturing and Isuzu joint venture company) for three generations of models. The square cab is equipped with sharp front vertical combined headlights and the barrier type air inlet type. The front face has become the classic image of the new generation of Isuzu light trucks.