Introduction to fuel pump

- Jul 24, 2020-

Introduction to fuel pump


The fuel pump delivers high-pressure fuel to the fuel distribution pipe to ensure continuous fuel supply to the fuel injector.

The fuel pump consists of an electric motor, a pressure limiter, and a check valve. The electric motor actually works in the fuel in the fuel pump housing. Don’t worry, because there is nothing in the housing that can be ignited. The fuel can lubricate and cool the fuel motor. There is a check valve, and the pressure limiter is located on the pressure side of the oil pump housing with a passage leading to the oil inlet.

The ZYB ignition booster fuel pump is suitable for conveying diesel, heavy oil, residual oil, fuel oil and other media, especially suitable for the fuel pump of the burner in the road and bridge engineering mixing station. It is an ideal product to replace imported products. ZYB booster fuel pump is not suitable for transporting highly volatile or low flash point liquids, such as ammonia and benzene.


When the rotor disc rotates, the roller is pressed outward by centrifugal force. Like a rotating oil seal, the rotor rotates and the pump works. It sucks in fuel from the oil inlet and presses it into the fuel system from the oil outlet. When the oil pump is turned off , The check valve at the fuel outlet is closed to prevent fuel from flowing back to the tank through the fuel pump. The fuel pipe pressure maintained by the check valve is called “residual pressure”.

The maximum pump pressure of the fuel pump depends on the standard of the pressure limiter. If the pressure of the fuel pump exceeds the predetermined pressure limit, the pressure limiter will open the bypass to allow the fuel to flow back to the fuel pump inlet