Industrial use of sensors

- Aug 11, 2020-

Industrial use of sensors

Essentially, industrial processes are physical, chemical, electrical, or mechanical steps that lead to product manufacturing. The highly developed process industry has well-defined and documented processes. It is essential to continuously measure and precisely control the state of each production process to avoid accidental component changes and unstable production conditions. For the success of the process, it is also important to maximize the performance of infrastructure equipment by monitoring the status of production equipment and utilities and performing optimal maintenance management. This is why industrial sensors and instruments are designed for process monitoring and asset monitoring.

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring sensors are used to monitor the status of products and processes in the factory. These sensors placed in the production process continuously detect the state of the measured object and transmit it to the control unit as process data. Then, the control unit compares the transmitted signal with the target value, converts the difference into a controlled variable, outputs it, and then changes it to the measured state. By repeating this cycle, "feedback control" is performed to maintain the monitored object in a stable controlled state.

These sensors require continuous, real-time data input and high-speed response. These reliable sensors can fine-tune the process in real time to eliminate blind spots, enabling high-quality production and optimal plant operation.

Asset monitoring

Asset monitoring sensors play a vital role in monitoring plant equipment. The data they retrieve and transmit forms the basis of analysis and alerting. By analyzing the sensor output data, the health status of the plant equipment can be diagnosed. This diagnosis will then be used for alarm management, predictive maintenance of equipment, and more effective maintenance patrols. High-response sensors can help prevent plant accidents, extend process uptime and increase equipment life.