How to distinguish imported Isuzu engines

- Sep 02, 2020-

How to distinguish imported Isuzu engines

1. Look at the model

When buying a car, we must pay attention to whether there is an authorization, because the imported Isuzu parts are only produced in Sichuan.

2. Pay attention to signs

We can ask our sales consultant, if there is an ISUZU logo on it, this is true.

3. Anti-flicker

Prepare and do your homework before buying a car. Then, in order to prevent being fooled, you can ask where the sales 4JB1 is. If it is not on the nameplate, it is fake.

4. Watch carefully

Really imported Isuzu is real if it has important marks on the levers after it is disassembled.

5. Have your own choice

When choosing, you must follow your own heart, and don't sell what you say. Because they are all eloquent.

6. Old brands are guaranteed

There are many Isuzu with the letters ISUZU on them. This logo, which is a Roman letter, can also be regarded as an anti-counterfeiting mark.

7. The performance of fakes

There are many diesel engines that are of good quality, but if you want to buy imported genuine Isuzu, you still have to go to a genuine store to try the performance, and then buy it for comparison.