Fake wheels pose safety hazards

- Jul 13, 2019-

Now because of the popularity of car modification, many car owners have chosen to do wheel modification for their favorite car, modified a beautiful and personal wheel. But now there are many car owners do not understand the car modification, but want to do car modification, because this many modification shops will use the owners of cheap heart to use fake wheels for the owner to make modifications.

So today's article tells the owners about the way to identify poor wheels. A beautiful wheel can enhance the personality of their car, become the highlight of the car, so the wheel modification is a lot of car owners want to do a modification project. But because car owners are not very understanding of the quality of the car parts, so many businesses will be second-best. Add fake wheels to owners of modified wheels. To be clear, it's bad wheels.

So below and the sun rocker arm will take the owners together to learn a few tricks to distinguish between good and bad wheels methods.

Look at the look Generally inferior things are very rough workmanship, because the mold accuracy is not high so in the corner will not do too fine. So the general poor-quality wheels will have a lot of burrs at the corners, which look less refined. And if the wheels are good, this problem doesn't happen at all. So to distinguish the authenticity of the wheels.

First of all, it depends on whether the appearance is refined and smooth.

Look at the weight. Then there's the weight. Generally, the same size of wheels in terms of weight will not vary too much. It can also be said that the basic is not bad. And poor-quality wheels are not the same, because its production is not qualified so in terms of weight and good wheels are different.

So car owners can also weight their wheels with modified wheels when they identify the authenticity of the wheels.

Look at the price. Finally, there is the question of price. The old saying is that "one penny, one cent" car owners in the conversion of the wheels try not to be cheap to choose the lower price of the wheels.

But the identification of prices is not decisive, the most important thing is to see whether the above two points are qualified.

Car hub modification needs to be careful, false wheels cause safety hazards And the warm tip: the wheels carry a large part of the car's safety responsibility, so the owners in the choice of modified wheels must be carefully checked, to avoid their own modification is fake wheels. To bring security risks to future driving, not worth the loss.