Factors that affect oil consumption

- Jul 15, 2019-

Where did the oil run out?

Part of the reason for "sprang oil" ran to the combustion chamber, was burned or formed carbon, and the other part from the seal is not strict leakage. Oil generally passes through the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove, and the gap between the valve and the catheter enters the combustion chamber. The immediate reason for its inflow is that the first piston ring, due to a sharp drop in movement speed near the upper stop, dumps the lubricant attached to it into the combustion chamber.

The Hong Kong company is registered so that the piston ring is closely related to oil consumption in the mating gap of the piston ring, the amount of oil scraping and the oil scraping capacity of the piston ring, the pressure in the combustion chamber and the viscosity of the oil.

From the operating conditions, the oil viscosity used is too low, engine speed and water temperature is too high, cylinder liner deformation exceeds the limit, frequent starting stops, engine parts wear too much, oil surface is too high, etc. will increase oil consumption.

The piston run-off due to the bending of the connecting rod and the failure of the plastic tolerance of the registered Hong Kong company body (the logo is the two ends along the piston pin hole axis, with traces of cylinder liner and piston wear on the other side of the piston skirt on one side and on the other side) are also an important reason for the increase in oil consumption. The use of twisting ring and combination oil ring, to reduce the oil consumption has a clear effect, in particular, the combination oil ring weight is light, the three-piece structure has no pump oil effect, its own soft, good adaptability to the cylinder wall, the ring so that the side of the oil ring close to the ring groove.