Do not clean in the sun

- Jul 07, 2019-

Owners, how do you wash the car? You know, the wrong way to wash the car will damage your car Oh! Zhejiang and Nikko Arm Co. , Ltd. for you prepared the following four car wash notes, come and see!

First, car wash to use soft cotton brush

When washing the car, using a soft brush will not hurt the paint.

Second, car wash with no wax wash liquid The use of ordinary car wash liquid car wash, easy to cause damage to the body paint.

The use of non-waxing car wash will protect the body to a certain extent from other substances corrosion and ensure the brightness of the body Oh!

Third, do not wash the car in the sun

In the sun under the sun wash car, stay in the car body water beads equivalent to a small convex lens, direct sunlight through the water beads focus, heat concentration, time, easy to paint bad Oh!

Four, wash once a week the best car Some car owners love cars, wash their cars every two or three days, and some owners do not have to wait until the car is very dirty to wash the car, these are not correct. Car wash is more diligent, easy to cause damage to the car, car washing is not diligent, easy to cause dirty things on the car damage. It is recommended to wash once a week.