Construction of camshafts

- Jul 20, 2019-

Camshaft son is widely used in daily life, we are not all understood, in addition to professional staff engaged in this piece, some may only know is used in the car, today let Anhui Crown Camshaft Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. to explain the construction of camshafts.

Read below. The camshaft body is a cylindrical rod that is approximately the same length as the cylinder bank. There are several cams on the top to drive the valve. The camshaft is supported in the camshaft bearing bore through the camshaft shaft neck, so the number of camshaft shaft necks is an important factor affecting the camshaft support stiffness.

If the camshaft stiffness is insufficient, a bending deformation will occur during operation, affecting the timing of the gas distribution. The side of the cam is egg-shaped. The design is designed to ensure adequate intake and exhaust of the cylinders. In addition, taking into account the durability of the engine and smooth operation, the valve can not be caused by the opening and closing action of the deceleration process to produce too much impact, otherwise it will cause serious wear of the valve, increased noise or other serious consequences. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the cam and the engine's power, torque output, and smoothness of operation.