Brief introduction of Isuzu engine

- Sep 02, 2020-

Brief introduction of Isuzu engine 

1. Power: 4JK1 engine uses advanced VGS variable-section turbocharging technology, allowing the engine to burst out 320N at 1800 rpm

The maximum torque of m, realizes low rotation and high torsion, stronger power, climbing and pulling heavy objects;

2. Fuel consumption: 4JK1 engine adopts Ddi overpressure common rail technology, the injection pressure is as high as 180 MPa, the atomization effect is better, and the combustion is more complete.

Compared with gasoline engines of the same displacement, it can save 20% 30% of fuel consumption. Simply put, the same displacement is equipped with the same amount of oil, and a car equipped with 4JK1 needs

Ran farther than other cars;

3. Mute effect: We can often see in the news that many gasoline engines use timing chains, while reports of diesel engines use timing chains.

Very few. The 4JK1 engine uses a steel timing mute chain, which has an excellent mute effect. At the same time, the timing chain used by Isuzu

It has a cogging design, there is no gap, and the life is the same as that of the engine, and it really does not need to be replaced for life.